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What Facebook Can Do for your Business:

The social media web app has ushered in a new age in Marketing and rendered traditional marketing techniques obsolete. At Africa choice media, we understand Social Media and know how to utilize it to increase your online business

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When used correctly, Facebook has the potential to:

Increase Brand Awareness

Drive Customer Loyalty

There are over one billion people using Facebook, which makes it the most lucrative form of marketing one can use for their business. Facebook Pages for business have been designed to target and brand your business, allowing you to reach potential customers like never before.

The vast numbers of people using Facebook, both personally and for business, has made having a Facebook brand page a requirement for all businesses; but just creating a simple page is no longer enough. Your Facebook page needs to be optimized to engage both potential and current customers, through “likes,” shares and comments. Engaging your businesses’ potential audience through Facebook is a guaranteed way to increase sales and ROI.

The most important way that Facebook can increase your ROI is by establishing a level of trust in your potential consumers. Studies show that when people have “liked” a business page on Facebook, they are more likely to use that company due to familiarity.

In addition to allowing potential customers to discover your business, Facebook also gives current customers a great chance to stay in touch with your business, helping you to develop long-lasting, profitable relationships.

Studies show that 81% of consumers indicated posts from their friends directly influenced their purchasing decisions. This means that if someone is looking for an AC Repair company, and their friend has “liked” one on Facebook, they are 81% more likely to use that company due to it being reputable enough that their friend endorsed them.

How do we do it?

We develop workable strategy unique for your business

Plan on implementation procedure

Blossom your business to success

To take advantage of all that Facebook can do, we begin with the task of growing and engaging your potential community. We create catchy graphics that convey your business personality and always implement a voice representative of your company.

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Community Engagement is defined as any actions that yield the attention of your online community, whether that be through posts, likes, comments, or shares. Community Engagement is the first step in achieving an increase in sales and establishing brand loyalty.

To create this Engagement, we post compelling content catered specifically to your business.

This will include:

Promoting your specific services

Posting Visual Content

Post time sensitive posts catered at different audiences

Creating topical content

Asking direct questions

Appealing to potential customers through sales & specials

Creating target-specific content

Over time, we have found that the combination of these Social Media Strategies yield to increased community involvement and translate to increased business.

By using these strategies, we can engage followers and keep them current on what is going on in your industry and specifically, in your business. Followers will know your ideas, community involvement, plans for the future, and what you offer that makes you stand out! Establishing business loyalty is easy when you post honest content representative of your company’s goals and mission.


What Twitter Can Do for your Business?

Twitter allows for consumers to connect with companies like never before. Through Twitter, companies can make intense connections and receive invaluable insights into their brand image.

Twitter is a micro blogging site that enables people to post up-to-the-second thoughts on just about everything. There

communication tools

are countless ways to utilize this technology, especially if you are a business owner who is beginning to establish their digital image.

Twitter is the most effective communicating tool a company can utilize.

The best aspect of Twitter, for both large and small business owners, is the direct, constant communication that Twitter

offers. Twitter encourages more of a dialogue than Facebook, and because of this ongoing dialogue, it has developed into

the most effective communicating tool a company can utilize. Both customers and business owners are able to contact each other on a simple and personal level in an effective and productive manner. This makes Twitter an easy option for each party. With minimal effort, everyone can be satisfied with the exchange of information.

What Can Twitter Do For Your Business?

Twitter is best known as a micro-blogging site, and because of its massive, interrelated community, it is a perfect marketing tool for promoting your business.


Twitter has relevance for every business, large or small, due to having countless dimensions that allow it to be utilized in many different marketing strategies. First and foremost, Twitter is a social networking site, and in order for it to be best managed, it is imperative that you have a marketing strategy that takes advantage of the social aspect.


Engage Your Customers with Twitter Content

Providing Customer Service with Twitter

Creates close relationships with prospective clients

The best aspect of twitter is its ability to create customer loyalty. Twitter allows businesses to generate customer loyalty like no other social media site, due to its ability to search tweets mentioning your business. Twitter has revolutionized customer service through this ability. Companies can directly see what their FAQs are, and better yet, they can respond directly to the people inquiring. This not only strengthens business relationships, but speaks


incredibly highly of your company.Twitter creates close relationships with clients through direct engagement.

With Twitter, your company can not only stay in the game by consistently promoting their unique brand image and

interacting directly with customers, but also by staying up to date with announcements in your particular field. Twitter truly works as a one of a kind platform that lets consumers know about your product, while granting customers a personal touch that is hard to obtain through online communication.

It’s the best app to launch brands, new products, carry campaign through making them trend for as many hours as people keep talking about. This is a service we guarantee.

Google Plus for Business



Google+ is easily one of the best social networks to gain more customers, while gaining a social presence. This is due to the indisputable fact that Google is the epitome of search engines. Not only does Google dictate integral aspects of search engine ranking, but through their supreme algorithms, they have also defined how we search, what we find, and how we manipulate the internet to see results. But how does this translate to your business?

With Google already being synonymous with search engines, it is no surprise that their social network promises to reach the same level of compulsory use. Google currently provides millions of people with indispensable services from Search to Gmail, to Maps, to Product Integration, YouTube and Chrome.

Google+ is a phenomenal platform that, when managed correctly, can yield incredible results for your business. Google+ exists as a median between LinkedIn and Facebook; the conversations on Google+ are well informed and intelligent.


The potential customers operating on Google+, much like LinkedIn, are there looking for quality content that is

professional and informational. However, Google+ differs from LinkedIn in that there is still a playful, fun vibe.

Google+ uses a layout similar to Facebook, that allows for user familiarity, while also integrating features that take digital marketing to the next level.

Google’s mission through Google+ is to personalize your search experience, which they call Social Search. On Google+, you have the option to +1 both people and groups that are of interest to you. You can then organize these +1’s into appropriate circles. When searching using Google, your +1’s will then be incorporated into Google’s search results, thus making the results catered specifically to your interests. Imagine how this will work for your company if you have 100 +1’s? Having a Google+ page will truly increase your company’s chances of being seen. Better yet, people who aren’t


following you on Google+, or haven’t even joined Google+, can still easily find your Google+ content from any search engine, again improving the flow of traffic into your website.

Google is the Holy Grail of Search Engines

Due to Google being the Holy Grail of search engines, Google+ posts perform extraordinarily well in search results. This means that if people are searching for a product, or information on a service that your company produces, it will rank much better if you have posted it on Google+, verse solely on your company’s website. While Google’s search rankings are currently influenced by Social Media through Link building, they are extremely influenced by linking in the Google+ platform.

We can manage your company’s Google+ Page so that you see increased product integration, web presence, and search


engine value, all of which will give you a massive return on your investment. In addition to personalizing your search results, using Google+ will also allow for more direct and personal relationships. This carries over from Google+ specified searches, to integration with other Google products; Google+ combines all of Google’s products and services, allowing you to communicate with customers, use the search engine, manage your ads and analyze your website analytics, all from one place! Giving your business an online presence on Google+ means that you are on the forefront of what is sure to become a mainstay in Social Media.

Google has revolutionized online marketing and optimization

From a customer service perspective, Google+ definitely competes with other Social Media outlets, due to the newly integrated hangout feature and Party mode. Google+’s Hangout feature is essentially live video chats, allowing you to chat with customers, or organize a meeting between various heads of companies and consumers, performing everything from a simple Q&A, to a large marketing analysis, from your desk at a moment’s notice. Google+ has also recently introduced the Party mode, which allows you to use the Google+ app to automatically upload and share photos and videos to a Google+ event. Between Hangouts, Party Mode, and Product/Search Integration, Google+ has revolutionized online marketing and optimization.

LinkedIn Management

What Can LinkedIn do for your business?

It is easy to become overwhelmed when thinking about all of the different Social Media networks available for your business. At Africa choice media, we know which Social Media outlets will benefit your particular business the most, and how to use them to increase your company’s virtual presence.
One of the most important Social Media networks is LinkedIn. LinkedIn exists solely as a professional social media site; unlike Facebook and Twitter, where it is encouraged for people to share every aspect of their lives, LinkedIn’s purpose is solely to build professional relationships.

“When people visit LinkedIn, they’re in a professional mindset. They actively seek insights and content that can help them be better professionals. And content from companies is wanted and expected. LinkedIn members are eager to hear from companies about new products and services, industry news, and career opportunities,” said Lana Khavinson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn.


With over 300 million members and 2 million active companies, there’s no better digital community for professionals to


connect than LinkedIn.

In particular, LinkedIn is an effective social media channel due to its ability to generate business leads. LinkedIn provides an opportunity to reach potential and current customers, both in and out of your industry.

Having a LinkedIn presence will allow you to show credibility for your business, while acting as an online portfolio, engaging potential customers and increasing brand visibility.


Specific LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn is the #2 social networking site and has specific features that allow it to work specifically in favor of both small and large businesses.

One of these features is the ability to search your connections (and your connections’ connections) by Keyword. This is essential because it allows you to search through your trusted connections to find people with specific skills, or with interests in a specific field. This feature also allows you to be extremely particular in your engagement on LinkedIn.

This feature also works on the consumer end, as it allows for potential customers to find your business!

People will be able to discover your company using LinkedIn’s advance search tool, which narrows results by location, keyword, industry, and even company size.

Another way that LinkedIn allows potential customers to find your business easily is with the recommendations section.

The recommendations section acts as a Yelp page within your LinkedIn profile, showcasing your reputation to prospective customers.

LinkedIn is also a favorite of Google, meaning that having a LinkedIn Company Page will increase your online SEO value, as well as come up as one of the top 10 results when your company is searched for online.

The power behind social media is truly incredible, and harnessing this force in the correct ways can undoubtedly yield in an increased business presence as well as a ROI. According to statistics, 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn; which is why it is so important that companies post relevant, professional information on LinkedIn’s at least 3x a week.

Transform Your Online Business Reputation

Africa choice media will post compelling content catered specifically towards your LinkedIn audience. The nature of LinkedIn is such that it is imperative that the content shared is relevant in a professional sense, more so than the

lighthearted nature of other Social sites. Engaging on LinkedIn will not only increase your SERP ranking, but will also give your business a prominent spot in a professional digital world.

Social Media Management

Africa choice media will post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google + on your behalf. We have social media packages to meet the needs of all businesses, from basic maintenance to full agency social media consulting.

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Over 800 MILLION People look at local business pages on Facebook, per week!

Your customers expect to see you on Facebook. Let our Social Media Specialists help establish your online presence.

Post daily to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

Provide customer service and increase customer loyalty

Improve your rankings in the search engines

Promote your latest sales and newest products

Increase Fans, Friends, Likes, Followers and Awareness


What next

Studies show that when people have "liked" a business page on Facebook, they are more likely to use that company due to familiarity.

Hiring a Social Media Company ensures Efficiency, effectiveness, value, professionalism, guaranteed success in online marketing, branding, public relations, policy communication, customer care and online reputation protection.

NOTE: Social Media Management can be time consuming and often requires a creative understanding of one's brand. Luckily, the social media consultants at Africa choice media services will monitor and update on your company's behalf from a journalistic and communication expert point of view. Social Media Coordinators will develop an understanding of your business perspective, and from there will post updates and create Facebook ads aimed at driving sales and increasing your ROI.

In its simplest form, Social Media provides a platform where customers can discover information they need to make purchase decisions.